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Humboldt Kites has luxury private rooms, complete with satellite TV, Internet access, Wifi, private bathrooms, hot water, private balconies (with hammocks), and breathtaking ocean views.

Rates including breakfast: 
$50 USD/1st person
$20 USD/additional person

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Humboldt Kites dorm accommodations has some of the best ocean views on the whole Ecuadorian coast. The drom’s big windows give our visitors the treat of a full ocean panorama. Humboldt Kites dorm has six beds, Wifi, and a fantastic balcony with comfortable outdoor seating for relaxing and chilling.

Rates (breakfast not included): 
$20 USD per person



Plenty of space and terrific weather at Humboldt Kites. For the travelers and adventurers, Humboldt Kites maintains a safe and comfortable enclosed camping area. Bring your tent or your camping car to sleep under the stars. Genuinely, one of the best experiences to be had at Humboldt Kites.

Rates (breakfast not included): 
10 USD per person (camping car or tent)