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Started in 2005 by Nicole & Wladimir “Vlad” Paternina, Humboldt Kites School and Kitehouse has become one of the best-loved kite schools in the world. Located on legendary Marianita Beach, Ecuador, Humboldt Kites is blessed in this location with wind, warm water, and beautiful weather from May through December/January.

For us in Ecuador, the seasonal arrival of the Humboldt Current marks the end of the rainy season and the beginning of the dry season–and good winds.  Humboldt Kites school and kitehouse opens every year in May and offers kite lessons, housing, and community services for kitesurfers and visitors until next January.

Why the name Humboldt Kites?

Good question: IT’S THE CURRENT. The massive Humboldt Current keeps Santa Marianita dry and warm and windy: The windy season on the Ecuadorian coast starts every year with the arrival from the south of the Humboldt Current. It’s also responsible for all the bio-diversity found in our waters.

Humboldt Current gives life to Humboldt Kites.