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The beginner course has a duration of 8 hours (We split the course into an average 2-3 hours a day). All equipment during the course is included. We like to offer a 1 on 1 teaching environment to give you the fastest progression possible.  We believe every one is different and we all learn in different ways, this way the teacher can adapt to your way of learning and get you kiting as quick as you can.

The beginner kite course consists of:

Wind conditions
Wind effects
Safe riding zones
All the elements of the equipment
Rigging up the equipment
The kite's safety system
Practice with an inflatable kite (4 line kite) Neutral zones, power zones
Self rescue
Controlling the kite (exercises on the water) 
Bodydragging , get to know the power of the kite Re-launch kite from the water
Using the Board On land exercises
Practice with the board in the water

Course price: 350 USD (8 hours)
Additional hour: 50 USD


Improve your kite skills, learn how to kite upwind, work on jumping, how to jibe on a surf board, learn how to foil, or have a skill refresher.

What ever your trying to work on we have you covered

Course price:  50 USD Per Hour



Has it been a while since you where last kiting?  Feel like you would like some one to keep an eye on you while you are kiting to give you that extra confidence? then this is the course for you.

Course Price: 10 USD Per Hour (Pure assistance, no training, using your own equipment)